Image Credit: Fathym
Image Credit: Fathym

Fathym entered the scene last year with one goal in mind, to make the Internet of Things a manageable tool for businesses across the internet. Let’s face it, the Internet of Things is gargantuan and any person trying to aggregate data on their own is going to be overwhelmed and burned out in no time at all. And that is where Fathym comes in.

What They Do
Fathym works to bring data into an easy to use platform for the average person to use for the purpose of making marketing easier and saving them money. One of the most fantastic things about Fathym is their attitude towards business. While some IoT solution providers target specific markets and companies, Fathym firmly believes that all businesses can benefit from their platform. Rather than pigeonholing themselves, they want to work with anyone. Now the average business owner can feel equally as important as a Fortune 500 company!

Another fantastic aspect of Fathym, that sets them apart from their competitors, is the use of Social Integration. We already see the massive benefit of social integration simply through social media networks. Fathym brings that home with chats, commenting capabilities, and team goal setting so that every team member (no matter where they are) can communicate and feel like they are a part of something special within the business.

How They Do It
Fathym has diversified their services to be completely customizable and perfect for whichever industry you are in. For those just getting their feet wet, they have monitoring and alerts designed to give you a clear picture in real time. They work to turn forensic data into preventive data, thus saving your business a lot of time and money by pre-empting any negative effects on the business. Monitor the kilowatt hours being used, water temperature, bandwidth being used, CPU cycles, and your storage capacity in one easy place.

Dashboards offer your capability to edit and manage permissions across your entire network. Additionally, you can set notifications and alerts for incoming data. By prioritizing those alerts and notifications, you will be able to monitor them almost effortlessly. In the dashboard, you can choose charts that are easy for you to comprehend and plug in your data for a clear picture on what is taking place.

WeatherCloud is an excellent tool for any business with the physical transport of goods. Knowing exactly what conditions are like can help you anticipate delays and even re-route to lessen the effect of a delay. The tool also tracks all manner of vehicle status and accident reports. Knowing what your drivers are dealing with and faced with on a day to day basis can help you make their jobs much easier and save you a ton of money.

App Building is a popular tool used by many to save money and build revenue. However, building an app can be overwhelming and inaccessible to smaller businesses. Fathym saves the day by providing software to help you build the app that you need, that your clientele wants, and saves you plenty of time.

Who Can Benefit from Fathym?
Fathym wants to work with anyone that they can and are willing to consult to see how their software and technology can benefit you the best. Based on their offerings online, you will benefit from them if you provide these services:

  • IT departments
  • Fleet management
  • Brick and mortar stores
  • Any online e-commerce site
  • Service providers

The Internet of Things is not going anywhere; as a matter of fact, it’s growing! Making your life easier by working with software and applications that manage it for you is a blessing many of us cannot afford to pass up!