The Internet of Things: The Next Big Revolution

The Internet of Things – it’s a technological revolution that seems to be taking over just about everything, and people don’t seem to realise just how huge it actually is. Thanks to the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communication has never been easier, with real-time data being converted by cloud-based applications into understandable information that keeps people better connected than ever before. From internet apps that enable you to remotely control your home’s temperature to ‘smart’ motorways which can sense when something’s gone wrong, here’s why the Internet of Things is, quite simply, the next big thing.

IoT and Business
The Internet of Things is providing businesses with more opportunities than ever before. Thanks to the Internet of Things, it’s never been easier for business owners to find and effectively communicate with remote workers and keep track of their employees who are out in the field.

A good example of an industry which has been hugely impacted on by the Internet of Thing is the transportation and logistics industry. Whilst keeping in touch with drivers out on the road may once have been a difficult task, today it’s possible for management staff and fleet management technicians to stay in constant contact with their drivers through tracking technology. Not only that, but those at base can be kept updated on critical situations such a bad traffic, road accidents or even bad weather in real-time thanks to sensors which collect the data, relaying the information back through an application – visit Prism Tech for more information.

IoT and Home Life
It’s not just big businesses which have benefitted from the Internet of Things – the general public has also seen some huge improvements to their day to day lives thanks to this new revolution. Take for example smart home appliances, such as smoke and carbon monoxide alarms which will alert the homeowner via phone call, text or email in the event of the alarm being triggered. This allows homeowners to not only get real-time updates on what is going on in their home when it is unattended, it also allows them to respond much more quickly, keeping damage to a minimum. Other IoT based applications, such as mobile apps which allow homeowners to control their heating system remotely, have also hugely impacted on the lives on many members of the public.

What Does the Future Hold?
We’ve already seen a huge number of revolutionary developments surrounding the Internet of Things, and it doesn’t seem set to slow down any time soon. In fact, the Internet of Things just keeps on growing, leading us into a better connected and more intelligent world. Sooner or later, we may be able to ‘communicate’ electronically with a whole range of different objects, leading to better response times and the minimisation of damage and harm. Thanks to the Internet of Things, we can certainly expect the world to be a safer place as real-time updates both outside and in the home alert those who need to respond quickly to the situation.

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