Government through the Ministry of Investment and Privatization together with the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) has introduced a toll free line (0800100770) for investors with complaints about civil servants soliciting bribes from them.

The helpline which was announced at a news conference on Monday afternoon will be managed by Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) and will be housed at the premises of UIA.

The move comes amidst Museveni’s efforts to crackdown corrupt government officials who he says have frustrated Uganda’s investment capacity and ability to create jobs.

Recent operations, sanctioned by President Museveni have led to the arrest of three government officials, one of whom was a Minister while the others worked with the Ministry of Finance.

“The President’s efforts to attract investors into the country are frustrated by selfish and malicious characters who charge investors for services. Such people are depriving Ugandans the much needed jobs,” Investment Minister Evelyne Anite told journalists at the launch.

Anite said that they chose the UPDF to run the service centre due to their reputation for not being corrupt adding that upon receipt of the complaints, the UPDF will work hand in hand with the Police and the inspector General of Government (IGG) to handle the situation.

In another development, President Yoweri Museveni has ordered that all government officials suspected of soliciting bribes from investors should not be granted bail until their cases are disposed off.

According to the latest index by Transparency International, Uganda went 12 places on the list of the least corrupt countries from 139th in 2015 to 151 in the past year.

Uganda is the most corrupt in the East African region, only after South Sudan and Burundi.

Rwanda is the least corrupt, in 50th position followed by Tanzania (116) and Kenya in 145th place.