EY Launches New Cloud-based Platform to Support Excellence in Supply Chain and Manufacturing

EY Catalyst Limited, a member firm of Ernst & Young Global Limited, announced the global rollout of EY Catalyst, a leading operational excellence cloud-based platform that can help clients significantly enhance their performance improvement programs in supply chain and manufacturing.

EY Catalyst allows clients to access an extensive IP database that contains tens of thousands of supply chain operational capabilities in multiple languages and has been in use for more than 20 years in major companies across Europe, the US, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Australia.

Clients will be able to tap into a database that includes self-assessments, custom-built operational excellence journey maps, leading practices, training tools and analytics capabilities at any time to help plan, manage and monitor their operational improvements. EY Catalyst expects to bring these operational excellence tools directly to the shop floor through mobile apps.

Andrew Caveney, EY Global Supply Chain and Operations Leader, Advisory Services, says:

“Companies need to drive increasingly higher levels of operational excellence to deliver both the agility and innovation they need for top-line growth, while delivering the productivity improvements needed to achieve bottom-line goals. The EY Catalyst platform is yet another way we are working to help our clients transform their supply chains into strategic assets and valuable sources for competitive advantage, with advanced capabilities to help increase sales, reduce risk and raise cost competitiveness. EY Catalyst can make it easier and faster for businesses to tap into a wealth of knowledge and associated digital operational excellence information.”

EY Catalyst content currently covers supply chain and manufacturing functions, but the goal is to broaden this content to cover all EY Advisory competencies. EY also expects to integrate certain manufacturing operational excellence intellectual property developed by Procter & Gamble (P&G) into the EY Catalyst platform. The combination of EY Catalyst and the P&G IP will provide EY with a leading manufacturing excellence tool. EY and P&G have worked together since 2013 to deliver their combined know-how in supply chain and operations consulting to companies worldwide.

Pete Stevens, CEO, EY Catalyst, says:

“Leveraging logic and IP capabilities, clients can embark on automated self-directed plans that track their progress matched to their supply chain and manufacturing maturity. The EY Catalyst platform will further strengthen EY’s position as a global leader in operational excellence consulting, and it positions EY as a leader in manufacturing and supply chain performance improvement globally. EY Catalyst gives businesses access to performance assessments they can tailor for each part of their organization, with reporting and tracking capabilities that measure progress, along with interactive e-learning tools.”

Over the past three years, EY firms have formed almost 20 alliances with companies, adding rapidly deployed, long-lasting, innovative assets to EY’s Advisory Services portfolio and continuing to build EY’s global presence in digital technology, cybersecurity, analytics and business transformation.


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