Facebook Brings Reactions in Comments

Image Credit: CityAM Image Credit: CityAM
Image Credit: CityAM

Last month, social networking platform, Facebook Inc. added the support for message Reactions to Messenger allowing users to react to individual messages. According to new reports, firm has now expanded Reactions to the your comments. Before this update, users only had the option to like comments while the reactions were only made to the posts.

While this update in rolling out to every one, Facebook addicts can now react to all comments with the use of Reaction Emojis love, haha, wow, angry, and sad. The support for emojis in the comment section has been added to all Facebook platforms.

“We’ve heard from people they’d like more ways to show their reaction in conversations on Facebook, so we’re rolling out the ability to react to comments,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement, as per a report by Mashable.


The reactions in Messenger also also users to react to messages using a ‘thumbs down‘ emoji an emoji Facebook users have been requesting for, for quite a long time.

Editor’s Note: The new update is gradual rolling out globally to Android, iOS, and even the Web version of Facebook platforms.[related-posts]