Email Marketing is Still Alive: The 5 Reasons Why You Should Start an Email Marketing Campaign

Image Credit: Jeffbullas's Blog Image Credit: Jeffbullas's Blog
Image Credit: Jeffbullas's Blog

A lot of businesses around the world have put an end to their email marketing strategies because they don’t feel they’re benefiting the business the way they should. A lot of businesses have even gone as far as to say that email marketing is close to death and no serious business should entertain the idea because more consumers now class it as spam. However, these businesses obviously aren’t taking advantage of their email lists correctly because marketing via email still has many benefits, especially if you’re setting up targeted mail campaigns.

If you’re thinking of using email campaigns to market your business products and services, have a look at some of the reasons why it’s a marketing strategy that can still benefit you.

1. Email Marketing is a Great Strategy to Share Content

When you send out a targeted email to your audience because they’ve signed up to your mailing list or because you’ve purchased an email list, you’ll find your email will get shared multiple times between friends and families that find your products or services of interest. Of course, social media these days is the way forward to get your content shared globally, but emails still offer a way for your brand to get more exposure.


2. You’ll Be Able to Take Advantage of Accurate Statistics

One of the great benefits of email marketing is that it’s one of the most measurable ways of marketing a business. You’ll gain insight on accurate statistics, so you’ll be able to see what emails were opened, which email campaigns weren’t of much interest, providing valid information for you to consider for your next campaign. Not all email marketing strategies are going to work, but as email marketing is measurable, you’ll know which ones do and don’t.

3. A Cost-Effective Solution for New Businesses

Whether you’re new to email marketing or your business has been doing it for years, it’s still the most cost-effective solution when it comes to marketing a business. There are no printing, advertising or running costs; the only cost involved is getting the right email list. If you’re looking for ways to build an email list, the quickest option is to purchase one from a third party, and you’ll also be able to verify your B2B emails using

4. All Emails Require Attention

Many businesses prefer social media marketing methods to build their business, but social media marketing has a short life span. If you send a post out on social media you’ll find it gets seen by hundreds of people within 24 hours, but none after that, so the people that missed it won’t see it in their newsfeed again.

With email marketing, your email gets sent out and sits in someone’s inbox until they take action with it, even if that is just to delete it. The fact is, people give emails their attention regardless of their content, so email marketing should always be considered for new and established businesses.

Email marketing certainly isn’t as easy, but it’s still an effective digital marketing strategy when created and send effectively, which can still benefit many businesses around the world.