BBOXX Partners with Aeris to Deliver Machine Learning to Plug & Play Solar Solutions Across Africa

BBOXX, an innovative solar solutions company, and Aeris, a pioneer and leader in the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced they are collaborating to deliver clean energy to millions of people living in off-grid communities in the developing world.

BBOXX designs, manufactures, distributes and finances innovative plug and play solar systems to improve access to energy across Africa and the developing world. Through a vast network of retail shops and outlets, BBOXX focuses on providing people access to electricity, while offering superior customer service.

The collaboration between Aeris and BBOXX ensures that BBOXX devices have reliable IoT connectivity no matter where in the world they are deployed; that they can be remotely monitored; and that the deployment time of products is expedited.

Aeris offers IoT network connectivity in East and Central Africa, the principal areas in which BBOXX deploys, ensuring that each device has reliable IoT connectivity, which enables the company to monitor its devices remotely. Aeris’ global support of major cellular technology standards, such as GSM, CDMA and LTE, also ensures that BBOXX will be able to deploy its devices across the world as it looks to expand globally.

BBOXX Staff in rural Rwanda (Photo Credit: BBOXX)

BBOXX will install the Aeris global subscriber identity module (SIM) at the point of manufacture, reducing both supply-chain costs and deployment time. By utilizing Aeris’ single global access point name (APN), the BBOXX solar system can also be deployed anywhere in the world, even in the most remote locations on a simple plug-and-play basis, removing the necessity to configure local network settings.

By utilizing Aeris AerPort™, Aeris’ connectivity management platform for IoT devices, BBOXX is also able to have real-time access to data usage, alert management and device- connectivity management over the Aeris SIM life cycle.



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