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WhatsApp for Android Update Separates Video Calling Button from Voice Calling

WhatsApp has quietly released a new stable update for Android users that brings some tweaks to the UI. Most notable among them is a new video call button and the relocation of the attachment button. You’ll be able to see the changes when you receive the latest stable update (v2.17.146), which is rolling out via Google Play.

The video calling functionality has been brought o the front by giving it a separate icon, which is now placed next to the dedicated voice calling button on the top right side of the chat.

Currently, the video calling feature is grouped with the voice calling button, and one needs to tap twice in order to choose video calling from a pop-up menu.

NDTV reports that the video calling button on the top will also replace the attachment button, which will now be relocated to the bottom within the text bar. You’ll see the little attachment feature right next to the camera icon in the text bar.

Credit: NDTV


Credit: NDTV


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