AfriOne Smartphone Manufactured in Nigeria set to launch tomorrow

Contec Global Group a multifaceted yet interlinked conglomerate with a rich history of hosting dynamic operations across Africa and beyond, will tomorrow, on Friday, April 21st , launch AfriOne through its subsidiary AfriOne Limited.

AfriOne will serve to be a technological breakthrough and precedent both for the enterprise and Nigeria’s 170 million-strong populous.

Headquartered in Lagos, AfriOne will pioneer in the manufacture and assembly of Nigerian-based communication technology.

The company wants to democratize technology, by offering affordable innovations through their product offerings and removing barriers deterring the large scale adoption of advanced technologies in Nigeria.

They showcase a wide range of feature-rich and technologically-loaded product lines, from dual sim-mobile phones to educational tablet PCs and even android smart watches.

The company is presently generating employment for approximately 500 staff-members, collaborating in the enterprise’s vibrant, state-of-the-art product and testing laboratories.

The organization has an installed capacity of 300,000 products per month via its world-class production facility, located in Lagos, Nigeria.


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