African tech startup Ushahidi, has launched smartphones apps for iPhones and Android smartphones, making it easy for users to access deployments and post from anywhere and at anytime.

You can now build custom surveys to pinpoint violence via a website, which is different from the original ways of using SMS and Google Maps.

Users can build custom surveys, import data from third-party services (including SMS and Twitter), share it publicly in a map or timeline, and coordinate team response.

With over 120,000 deployments, in over 160 countries in the past nine years, Ushahidi’s biggest use cases are in election monitoring, crisis response, human rights, citizen journalism, environmental monitoring, and government transparency,  says Ushahidi’s chief operating officer Nathaniel Manning

Manning says there has been a lot of interest and requests over the past few years for the smartphone apps.

“We see a handful of valuable use cases. First and foremost, this allows the field staff/ground team of an organization working to engage a community or respond to a crisis to easily report to their organization’s Ushahidi deployments and send info from the field back to their HQ.”

“The mobile app is easy to use and is a long-awaited addition to the solution. We would definitely use it for our crowdmaps on safety in public spaces,” Chief executive officer ElsaMarie D’Silva said in a statement.

“We look forward to further developments from Ushahidi to help organizations like ours to use technology for good in a very economical manner.”

You can access the apps from the iOS and Android app stores.