5G Wireless Technology goes official with new logo

The cellular standards group 3GPP has officially announced that ‘5G’ would become the official name of the next generation of mobile connectivity technologies that would succeed today’s 4G technologies like LTE or LTE-Advanced.

The ‘Organizational Partners’ have approved the new logo of 5G along with the name, which will become the forthcoming wireless standard. The new 5G logo is derived from the LTE Advanced Pro design, however forgoing the general recurrence of the 4G LTE branding.

The logo’s new wave pattern is basically carried over from the existing 4G logo while the green waves of the LTE-A logo are now a part of 5G’s new logo.

Official 5G Logo. Credit: 3GPP

5G wireless technology specifications are still being finalised and it is expected to be ready by late 2018. This is also when the first of the imminent phases – Phase 1 – will roll out, while the Phase 2 is due for completion in the year 2020.

“The use of the 5G logo on 3GPP specification cover sheets is intended to help the industry to identify at which point in time 5G features will appear,” said the 3GPP in a release.

Credit: GSM Arena, NDTV


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