Outbox Rallies Technologists to Harness Collection, Use of Open Data on Air Quality

Outbox hub is set to host local technologists, environmentalists and media in a one day workshop to find new ways of how to work with open data on air quality for science, journalism and research.

Dubbed ‘Pimaa Datathon,’ the workshop is slated to take place on Saturday, February 4th starting from 10am to 1pm at Outbox hub, Lumumba Avenue, Kampala.

Currently, there is no digital infrastructure in Uganda that supports accurate and reliable monitoring of the country’s air quality against international air quality standards and recommendations.

Pimaa, an Internet of Things (IoT) project is building low-cost environmental sensor platforms that can be easily deployed to public outposts and sites to collect data on air quality.

According to Outbox officials, the data collected will be transformed and stored on the Pimaa platform against open data standards that will ease the accessibility and dissemination of air quality data.

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“The Pimaa datathon is an opportunity for local technologists, environmentalists and media to interact and find new ways of how to work with open data on air quality for science, journalism, research to mention but a few,” Outbox Lead, Richard Zulu said in a statement released on Monday.


During the workshop, participants will cover an overview of air pollution as a local issue, finding open data resources on air quality data and expertise.

They will be officially introduced to project PiMAA before team formation and datathon using open data on air quality;

Renowned Data Engineering consultant, Richard Ngamita will facilitate the workshop alongside Outbox’s Richard Zulu.

Ngamita currently works as Analytics lead at Medic Mobile. He has previously worked with Google Nairobi and Dublin.

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