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Uganda Communications Commission Toughens on Local Content Prioritization

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has issued strict guidelines to all broadcasters (Radio and television) requiring them to prioritize Ugandan local content.

In the guidelines, the commission has reiterated that 70% of programming during prime time should be given Ugandan content, along with other quotas for the different programs.

The move which was launched earlier in 2013 received little compliance from broadcasters as foreign content continues to dominate most television programming.

The little compliance is measured to have been one of the reasons why the commission had to reecho the order although no penalty has been specified for non-complying entities.

“In recognition of the role local content plays in promoting national development, UCC set local content quotas which all broadcasters must comply with,” read one of the tweets made by UCC.

Of the 70% content required, 50% must feature drama, comedy and reality show programs, 10% will be reserved for local documentary programs, 5% for sports and 5% for children’s programs.

The commission argues that once followed, the move will help promote national culture and develop Uganda’s local film industry.[related-posts]

“Given the cultural and linguistic diversity of Uganda, it’s important that broadcasting stations in the country emphasise content relevant to the local audience and produced under Uganda’s creative control,” said UCC via a tweet.

“Local content will promote national culture and diversity, enhance employment capacity, identity of nationals and develop our local film industry.”


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