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It seems that after years of social isolation where most activity happened online, people are craving interaction. We all remember the craze after Pokemon Go was released. Now a growing number of people are bringing their favorite movies, television shows, video games and books to life through cosplay.

Cosplay is the term for dressing up in costume as your favorite character. Some would also specify that cosplay involves getting together with others and re-enacting or inventing scenes with the characters.

At one time cosplay was considered a niche form of entertainment for nerds, but today it’s going mainstream. It could be the rise of Comic Con or the amazing amount of media being produced today, but cosplay is now so big people are making a living doing it. If you want to fully immerse yourself in the cosplay world, go big by joining one of the more popular storylines.

Star Wars
With awesome props like lightsabers and one of the most iconic storylines of all time, it’s no surprise that the cosplay community is recreating Star Wars. Add in some kickass costumes and a new movie to replicate every year or so and you’ve got yourself a cosplay utopia.

The lead characters are obviously popular costumes, with Princess Leia’s gold bikini being possible the most recognizable. However, the faceless and costly Stormtrooper get-up is also a cosplay character you’ll see frequently at conventions.

The dark world of Gotham, filled with colorful villains, is ripe for cosplay. Batman has been a popular franchise of comic books, television shows and movies for decades, which has created a fan base of all ages.

The characters are totally over-the-top making them the perfect fit for cosplay. The trick with most of them is playing up the styling and makeup. And with the exception of Batman, many of the villains’ costumes can be done well on a budget. Each year that a new Batman comic or movie comes out it revives the cosplay surrounding the series. The perfect example this year is the insane amount of Harley Quinn costumes that have sold around the world. Of course, The Joker is a staple of the cosplay world for obvious reasons.

Court of the Dead
Cosplayers that want to take their costuming to an epic level can set their sights on Court of the Dead. At last Comic-Con in San Diego last year, there were a number of notable Court of the Dead characters in attendance.

The head-to-toe hellacious makeup and elaborate, out-of-this-world attire make the deadly characters of Court of the Dead come to life. If you’re worried about the cost of such an elaborate costume there are ways to create cosplay costume features for less. Something you may have to consider if you want to transform into Gethsemoni or Death himself.

The Latest Blockbuster Marvel Comic
You can always tell what Marvel comic is currently in the movie theaters by visiting one of the larger conventions. These days Marvel is releasing at least one major Blockbuster a year. Sometimes it’s a continuation of a franchise like Ironman, while at other times it’s a breakout newcomer like Deadpool. Regardless, Marvel is keeping cosplayers busy.

When it comes to Marvel comic cosplay it’s all in the superhero outfit. Many of the leading characters have full-body outfits that cover every inch of the body so hair and makeup are a non-issue.

Sailor Moon
Marvel comics may slant towards male cosplayers, but Sailor Moon is definitely a favorite among the ladies. It’s one of the manga series that helped make cosplay what it is today. Since Hulu picked up the television show and movies the popularity of Sailor Moon will only grow.

The costumes are very identifiable, but they’re actually much easier to put together compared to other cosplay characters. Basically, a sailor top and flouncy, short skirt is all you need to get started. One of the advantages of Sailor Moon cosplay is that characters can stand on their own, and it’s also perfect for a group of friends.

Attack on Titan
If you visit a convention this year you’re likely to see droves of cosplayers in Attack on Titan costumes. The manga series is a long-running favorite for cosplay fans, possibly because of the huge number of characters they have to choose from. Going as a corps character you can get dressed up but still remain comfortable since the costume involves mostly street clothes with complex belts and leg straps.


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  1. “It seems that after years of social isolation where most activity happened online, people are craving interaction”. Screw you! Some of the most extroverted people I know are geeks and/or Cosplayers. Try not to paint us all with an outdated stereotype of “geeks”. Go back to being influenced by what Big Bang Theory tells you and keep your obvious bias out of your horrible article.

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