EABS Launches Competitive Unlimited Internet for Homes

Newly launched Internet Service Provider, East African Broadband Services (EABS) has introduced competitive unlimited internet bundles for homes in Uganda.

The move according to EABS officials is meant to ease accessibility to internet services as well as make internet affordable for every Ugandan.

EABS subscribers will be able to transfer the unused office internet for night use at their homes and will be able to enjoy the high speed connectivity for live feeds in their houses.

Officials say customers will not need to worry about the high cost of pay TV services but will take advantage by watching their favorite programs at their convenience since the content is online either as live feed or recorded material.

EABS CEO Mr. Peter Maridadi said Ugandans should prepare for the most reliable and affordable internet in their lifetime.

“It’s our responsibility to give back to our customers who have supported us during the day,” said Mardadi in a recent interview.

“The capacity tends to be redundant after the offices have closed and therefore we shall be able to send it to their homes for the families to enjoy,” he added.

“We have done this successfully in Rwanda and introducing it here is a vote of confidence in our continued quest for customer satisfaction.”

Internet access and usage in Uganda has been growing exponentially. In the last decade, the Commission has licensed several major operators including EABS, who provide Internet among other services.


However, there are still a number of challenges as far as access, cost, and usage of Internet are concerned.

The rise of EABS is seen as a relief to Ugandans struggling to find affordable, reliable and high-speed internet.

Mardadi said schools are opening soon and the children will need this at home for their research and weekend entertainment.

“Customers should expect reliability of the service and unlimited download/upload no matter the speed you subscribe to. Customers also enjoy free trial periods to give them a choice in making informed decisions,” he added.


Paul Mugume

Paul Mugume is a Tech writer with a bias toward startups, telcos, and digital marketing. Connect with Paul via. Twitter: Email:
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