A new Internet Service Provider, East African Broadband Services (EABS), has opened shop in Uganda, providing highspeed internet connections.

EABS which is part of a larger group, ISPA Limited, the largest ISP in Rwanda and Burundi was officially launched in November 2016 and for the three months of service, it has changed the Ugandan internet market and experience.

According to Peter Maridadi, the EABS Chief Executive Officer, the company will be fibre internet access, mobile wifi and fixed wireless broadband services to customers.

“We shall be providing the most affordable internet for business, large enterprises, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Uganda. We are also introducing fixed wireless internet for homes,” Maridadi said.

Unlike other ISPs whose coverage is limited to specific areas mostly Kampala and Entebbe, Maridadi says EABS shall provide wireless internet services countrywide.

The company joins a number of other broadband internet service providers already operational in the country.

Asked about how they were planning to beat competition from other already-established ISPs in the country, Maridadi noted that EABS will focus on affordability and reliability of their services.

“Our prices are going to be the most affordable and we shall have favorable payment terms ranging from daily vouchers, monthly and annual payment both pre-paid and post-paid,” he said.

“Our customers will also enjoy a quality and reliable service. We shall have hotspots in over 100 locations in Kampala and Entebbe and we will give the public free hotspots for 30 days to test the service,” he added.

On how EABS will contribute to Uganda’s economy, Maridadi says the company will provide faster internet that will enable young innovators carry out research and provide employment opportunities to the youths.

“We are a tax compliant company. We shall contribute to Uganda’s development through providing jobs to the youths and empowering innovators with our fast internet,” he said.

ISPA has been operational in Rwanda since 2006 and Maridadi thinks the experience garnered in the 10 years will transform internet experience in Uganda.


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