What Does the Future of Tech Hold for Avid Gamers?

The future is bright in the world of gaming as new developments take place every day and more and more people discover the joy of losing themselves in a game – whether that be a simple turn on a mobile game or a thrilling first person shooter.

But when it comes to tech, what does the future hold for avid gamers? Those types who are willing to shell out £500 on the latest advancement in gaming technology to ensure they enjoy the best gaming experience? Let’s take a look…

More mobile gaming
We’re not just talking about being glued to your smartphone here, the Nintendo Switch is one of the latest big announcements for the industry and is causing a stir. The Nintendo brand unveiled this new console which can be played like any normal gaming system, hooked up to the TV with a wireless controller, but the beauty of the design means that it can then be taken out of the house with you.

It’s an ingenious design, the first of its kind to amalgamate both a normal gaming console and a handheld system, and one that will require numerous tweaks no doubt before any other brands design their own.

Immersive gaming
VR technology took off in 2016, as Sony brought out the Playstation VR system. Game developers have been quick to produce titles for the system. The headsets involved with this VR technology feature 3D audio which allows you to actually perceive the direction sounds are coming from while playing the game, as well as the distance and also feature an inbuilt mic – ideal for those who play with others online and enjoy live streaming or recording their gameplay.

VR technology is something that will be expanded upon as other developers look to put their fingers in the same pay. It’s a cash cow and for those who avidly game money is no object.

Gaming competitions are really starting to take off now and there are numerous teams all vying for a place in the top events, playing games such as Starcraft, Dota and Counterstrike. The prize winnings can be huge, some see winners taking home millions of dollars and in countries such as South Korea the e-sports industry is taken very seriously, as teams live together in houses and train for eight hours a day like any athlete. There have even been discussions around e-sports being introduced to the Olympics.

Technology has allowed e-sports to progress, and it appears it will only continue gaining popularity over time. Better internet connections allow players to practice online with each other and people from all around the world can tune in to view them. It’s making gaming a social event, one that can be enjoyed by the masses as some channels have even started airing the competitions on TV with a 24-hour gaming channel in the pipeline for the UK.

Gaming relies on technology to advance further and it’s exciting to see what will come next, as we eagerly await those new and improved mobile consoles, connected technology and new ways to play.


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