Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Has Now Been added to GTA V as a Sticky Bomb

If you follow tech news you probably already know what happens with the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. Okay! we cut to the chase, the smartphone has a habit of exploding for no reason, and far as I know, the the company’s newest flagship has been scrapped off the market.

The exploding issues and all other sort of kinds about the phone ain’t good, neither for phone owners who still want their lives, or for Samsung itself, who probably want to continue selling phones.

Anyways! that was a recap, for those that don’t follow tech news.

On the other hand, Modder HitmanNiko, has added the Galaxy Note 7 to players of GTA V on PC acting as a sticky bomb if players choose to purchase and use it. Of course it basically works like a sticky bomb; just throw it, step back, and watch it explode.

According to some of the online sources, HitmanNiko achieved it by replacing the sticky bomb that’s already present in the game with a 3D model of the Galaxy Note 7.

As you can see, the phone (Galaxy Note 7) can be purchased and then carried quite naturally in the hand. But then you can start throwing it, or sticking it to the sides of cars or other objects in the game and all hell breaks loose.

The mod is available to download for free from the 5Mods website

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