Bandoman entertaining customers during his unveiling at MTN Towers and MTN Nyonyi gardens.

Over the past 3 months, MTN Uganda excited its subscribers with a 100% bonus top-up on their internet subscriptions purchased over 100MBs, in a promotion dubbed Juzza Internet.

The promotion which was described by MTN’s CMO Mapula Bodibe as one of the ways through which MTN is demonstrating its commitment to the delivery of a Bold, New Digital World by creating new opportunities for trial plus increased use and penetration of Internet services in Uganda, was well received by the subscribers.

The Juzza Internet promotion ended beginning of October and left many wanting but unfortunately, it was a promotion and as such had a time limit. But good news, there are other bundles you can jump onto, on the same network to enjoy the fastest 4G coverage in the country.

Let’s have a quick look:

MTN Social Bundle

MTN Social Media Bundle is a service that gives you access to WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook (WTF) – the basics. You can choose from the daily or weekly bundle. The daily bundle gives you either WhatsApp or Twitter or Facebook or all the 3 for 24 hours. The weekly bundle gives you the same Social Media platforms for 7 days.

Price (UGX) Bundle Validity
200 WhatsApp Daily
200 Twitter Daily
200 Facebook Daily
500 WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook Daily
2000 WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook Weekly

MTN Data Tooti

The MTN Tooti Bundle got the most popular bundles and slashed their prices by half and decreased their validity. The Tooti Bundles gives users 50MB at 300 shillings valid for 30 minutes and 100MB at 500 shillings valid for 60 minutes. 1GB at 4,500 shillings valid for 60 minutes.

Credit: MTN Twitter
Credit: MTN Twitter

MTN Go Bundles

The Go Bundles offer Call minutes, Data and SMS in a single bundle, available for Daily, Weekly or Monthly, with the Monthly Bundle is the flagship Bundle.

MTN GO Bundles
MTN GO Bundles