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Periscope Producer, a New Way of Broadcasting Live Videos

When Team Periscope first launched their live-video sharing platform; Periscope on March 26, 2015, the only way to broadcast live was from your mobile phone. However, on Thursday, the company went a head to introduce Periscope Producer. According to the company, say it’s a new way for brands, media organizations and other live video creators to broadcast high quality streams from devices beyond a phone or tablet.

Periscope Producer, let’s users stream high-quality live video from sources such as streaming software, hardware encoders and professional cameras, on Periscope and Twitter.

Viewers will be able to watch these broadcasts as they would “regular” Periscope videos, both within the Periscope and Twitter mobile applications, and on Periscope’s website. This includes the ability to post comments and send hearts.

In a statement, Periscope said, professionally produced live broadcasts on Periscope have always been part of our vision, and they give our community new types of content to watch together live. You’ll start to see more produced live broadcasts on Periscope and Twitter, and we’re looking forward to watching new types of live broadcasts with you.

Broadcasters interested in creating live video with Periscope Producer can apply for access at at this link.

The periscope app is available for iOS, Android and tvOS operating systems.

source: Periscope Newsroom

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