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When we ask marketing experts what we should do to put our business ahead, one of the recurrent answers we get is to establish an online presence. An online presence stretches from social media account, to blogs and finally websites.

Many companies have tried; reaping a lot of likes and followers on Facebook and twitter, building watsapp groups with over 200 contacts but never the less, fail to get it right when it comes to their websites.

Websites as a marketing tool are in fact very useful and powerful when it comes to you business. They should be the center of your web attention, a place where all you social media traffic is directed to. Here is a list of why your website might not be working for your business.

The website design.
When you decide to have a website for you business, please invest in it. Am sure you can get a website for as low as 250,000 UGX, but remember this is your business’s image. This is what people all around the world will see, so make sure you invest well. A simple starter websites for a medium scale company should cost at least 1,200,000 UGX. And also ensure that your entrust the right person to design your website.

Integrate an ordering and payment platform.
If your into the sale of goods and services, always ensure that whoever visits your websites can make an order or even better pay for a service or good. This will help you tap into customers that might not have time to visit your shop/office physically. There are numerous payment platforms in Uganda right now and some allow Mobile money to bank transactions.

Market your website.
We often make a mistake of thinking that putting a websites online, is enough to put our business out to the world. Always market your website, share its link in all your social media posts, run a promotion for people who visit your website if you can, ask your website developer about search engine optimization but please market your website. In the web business traffic is key. And also remember that the main goal for you marketing your website is to ensure that the visitors that come stay.

Always update you content.
When you get someone to design a website for you, always ensure that the design lets you update key site content. Also always update the content at least once a week, if you’re a goods shop, always upload images of your new stock, advertise you new offers. It is really bad for a website to have the same content running for more than one month.

Get feedback from your visitors
An important part of your websites is the contact us or give feedback section. As you have a customer service desk at your shop/office, the contact us section is the virtual customer service desk. And always ensure that you respond to the visitor’s comment, and were need be please adjust.

Hope with those tips, you have a stepping stone on which you can build a website that works for you business, and remember just a website alone can become another branch of your business.


  1. Quality and Satisfaction are the most important factors. Quality is just not with your website design. But also with the quality of your product or content.
    Your customers or readers must feel satisfied and not bored. Only satisfaction will make them visit again.

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