Digify for Gmail lets users track, unsend & control sent email attachments

Today, Digify, a secure multi-platform file sending service, has announced the launch of its free Chrome extension “Digify for Gmail”, making it possible for Gmail users to track and unsend email attachments.

Through the extension, users can also apply Digify’s popular self-destruct timer to attachments.

“Digify for Gmail” is integrated directly into Gmail, allowing users to track and unsend the file if necessary, from inside the Gmail/Chrome interface.

Unlike Gmail’s email unsend, which is only valid for up to 30 seconds, Digify’s unsend option is valid anytime.

Gmail has over 1 billion active users and 5 million businesses on the service. Digify for Gmail enhances lifetime security and control of attachments sent with Gmail, so that people can easily know when their files are opened, who viewed them, and how many times they are accessed.

The new tracking and unsend features for Gmail are powered by the Digify platform, which lets users copy protect their files such that it cannot be copied or downloaded. When a file is unsent, the recipient will no longer be able to access the file within seconds, regardless if the file is still open at the moment.

By default, all file attachments sent via Digify chrome extension are tracked. Users can easily attach files right into their messages using the red Digify for Gmail button inside Gmail’s Compose window; while they can use the new “Track & Unsend Anytime” button in Gmail interface to see the statistics or even unshare a file even after it’s already been sent.

With Digify for Gmail, users can track and unsend their files even after sending. The freemium service ensures that users can stay in control of their files effortlessly at all times.

Other than tracking and unsending, files shared using Digify for Gmail can be copy protected such that they are not downloaded, copied, saved or uploaded elsewhere. Files can be set to expire or self-destruct.

Digify’s copy protection technology protects content against copying, printing and downloads. Digify’s patent pending adaptive watermarking technology helps deter screenshots. Additional security options are also available to restrict access and control forwarding of attachments.

Other than Digify for Gmail, Digify is also available on the web, iOS and Android.


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