Google released its 50th Chrome update, and to celebrate the browser’s milestone, the search giant published an infographic detailing some statistics about the nearly 8-year-old web browser — notably that it has passed 1 billion monthly active mobile users, both Android and iOS.

A lot of Chrome’s new users are coming from emerging markets where smartphones are the entry point to the web and people have slower connections, so finding ways to make Chrome suck up less data is crucial if it wants those users.

According to the infographic, there are 771 billion pages loaded each month. Thanks to search autocomplete, 500 billion characters are not typed each month. Two million gigabytes less of data used each month, thanks to Chrome’s data-saving features.

3.6 billion webpages are translated automatically each month and 9.1 billion forms and passwords are automatically filled each month as well. Due to Chrome’s smart warnings, it’s almost 145 million times that users are protected from malicious pages each month. lastly, the company says that $2.5 million in rewards is offered to the security research community to strengthen Chrome.