World cup tech challenge winners 2015. Image Credit: disrupt-africa
World cup tech challenge winners 2015. Image Credit: disrupt-africa

The next generation of emerging tech companies worldwide are to gather and compete in the 3rd annual World Cup Tech title which will kick off on 1st July 2016.

The event is set to attract various influences on the tech scene like Silicon Valley VCs, Angels, Corporate executives and bloggers/media representatives. Start-ups from all over the world interested to present their products and also represent their various countries are welcome to the competition.

Startups that qualify will be preferably have launched their products at a Pre-global stage which will mean that their participation in the world cup will because they are ready to launch their products globally. 24 Startups will be chosen through a qualification process of 35 judges.

They will compete in six different groups which include; Fintech, Internet of Things, Biotech, Augmented/Virtual Reality, AGTech and AI/Robotics.

The group each has four spots available, however a country can only be represented in one group. It should be noted that there will be screening of applications as they come in so applicants are encouraged to submit their applications before 15th April 2016 and the 24 chosen startups that qualify will be announced on 1st May 2016.

Visit their website for ticket bookings and more info and guidelines on how to apply.