Some of the innovators from Makerere University, Uganda show casing their idea at the Acia Awards 2015. Image Credit: Acia
Some of the innovators from Makerere University, Uganda show casing their idea at the Acia Awards 2015. Image Credit: Acia

Once again, the ACIA Award is here. ACIA 2016 will mark the 6th round of the awards to recognize and reward outstanding ICT innovations in Uganda. ACIA provides a platform upon which outstanding ICT innovations can be showcased and propelled to further success.

Objectives of the ACIA Awards

  1. To recognize outstanding innovations in the development and adoption of ICTs in Uganda.
  2. To encourage individuals, academia, industry, government agencies and other entities to harness ICTs in creating solutions to Uganda’s development challenges.
  3. To inspire, nurture, and facilitate Ugandan youth to develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by leveraging ICT.
  4. To raise awareness of the value of ICTs in the development of the country.
  5. To create a platform for showcasing innovations within the ICT industry in Uganda.

Award Categories:

Young ICT Innovators
“If you were a local leader in Uganda, how would you use postal/broadcasting/telecommunication facilities to reduce poverty in your community?”

ICT for Development
The most innovative product that seeks or helps to:

  • Reduce poverty.
  • Improve food security.
  • Improve the health and well-being.
  • Facilitate inclusive and equitable quality education in the country.
  • Empower women and girls.
  • Facilitate the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation.
  • Facilitate access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy for all.
  • Facilitate full and productive employment for all.
  • Reduce inequality within Uganda.
  • Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.
  • Combat climate change and its impacts.
  • Conserve and sustainably use the water bodies/resources for sustainable development.
  • Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of the environment.
  • Facilitate access to justice for all.
  • Service Excellence.

The winner walks away with a trophy, Cash award of 2500 USD (8,600,000 UGX) and an Implementation Grant of 7500 USD (25,800,000 UGX).

The 1st runner up walks away with a cash award of 1250 USD (4,300,000 UGX) and an Implementation Grant of 3750 USD (12,900,000 UGX).

2016 Special
The Government Ministry, Department or Agency (MDA) with the best use of ICT in providing government services to the public as voted by the public will walk away with the ACIA Award.

Award Digital
The most creative, locally generated electronic content that enhances information flow while reflecting the language diversity, lifestyles and concerns of Ugandans.

The winner in this category takes away a trophy, cash award of 2500 USD (8,600,000 UGX) and an implementation grant of 7500 USD (25,800,000 UGX).

The 1st runner up wins a cash award of 1250 USD (4,300,000 UGX) and a product development funding of 3750 USD (12,900,000 UGX).

Content Business Excellence
The most innovative local ICT based solution developed for a small/medium/large enterprise that is itself not into ICT as a business to:

  • Reduce its cost of operation, or
  • Improve the quality and/or quantity of its goods/services to its customers, or
  • Improve the timelines of its output or
  • Facilitate the enterprise in greening in its operations.

Service Excellence
The most exciting, locally developed, new product/service/other offer in the Uganda market that seeks to increase the affordability/access/uptake of postal/broadcasting/telecommunications services by in Uganda.

Acia award winners 2015. Image Credit: Acia
Acia award winners 2015. Image Credit: Acia

All entries for consideration should have been submitted before 0000hrs (midnight) on 1st April 2016.

The winners shall be announced at a Gala dinner ceremony on 20th May 2016.

Follow the link for registration.