45 Innovators to Share UGX7.39 Billion NIISP Grant

45 winning innovators in the third cohort of the National ICT Initiatives Support Programme (NIISP) will be sharing the grant of UGX7.39 billion from the Government of Uganda.

The National ICT Initiatives Support Programme (NIISP) through the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance has announced 45 Innovators who shall receive a collective total of UGX7.39 billion grant. The announcement of the winning innovators in the third phase of NIISP, was made at the Ministry’s head office in Kampala by the ICT Minister, Hon. Judith Nabakooba.

The event was attended by the Executive Director at NITA-U, Dr Hatwib Mugasa, and the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, Hon. Vincent Waiswa Bagiire to mention some honorable names.

Nabakooba congratulated all the winners/innovators and in her remarks said, “The Government is proud of your [innovators] innovation ideas and we look forward to seeing them commercialized.”

While addressing the press, Nabakooba said the Government recognizes the potential of ICT to transform the economy and peoples’ lives through creating job opportunities, accelerate economic growth and significantly increase productivity as enshrined in the Uganda Vision 2040. “It is for this reason that Government of Uganda set up the National ICT Initiatives Program also knows as the ICT Innovation Fund to support and develop a holistic ICT Innovation Ecosystem,” she said.

NIISP aims at creating a sustainable ecosystem for ICT Innovations and support ICT innovators and developers in Uganda. The program looks at tackling bottlenecks to creating a digital ecosystem by promoting the development and deployment of indigenous software applications to create an open ecosystem in Uganda that shall enable the government, companies and individuals to innovate and reach new markets.

This program has run for 3 years now and has successfully shown a lot of progress in the sectors of Education, Health, Agriculture, and Public Sector Management, among others.

Government’s investment in this project envisages achieving these outcomes:

  • Increased employment opportunities for the youth.
  • Increased ICT knowledge products in use locally and internationally.
  • Empowered youth for increased participation in the ICT industry.
  • Created a critical mass of skilled scientists and engineers to drive economic growth and transformation and is increasing funding for research, scientific innovation and product development.

Some of the successful projects that have benefited from this programme include the Academic Information Management System, Electronic Document Management System, Jaguza, Elunda, Travel Uganda Monitor, Akello Banker, Akatale App, Mama Ope, Dagala App to mentin a few.

The 45 winning innovations/startups for this third NIISP cohort include;

  1. Eco system.
  2. SANPAY.
  3. My Musawo.
  4. The cradle online early childhood development app.
  5. COVID19 data engine.
  6. GDGP-telemedicine app.
  7. Nzani hub skills platform for covid-19 response.
  8. ZOORA.
  9. National last mile postal supply chain.
  10. Skooldesk.
  11. FolloApp.
  12. LetsFarm app.
  13. Electronic village health team.
  14. MyBlood app.
  15. CovidTrace.
  16. FlipPay.
  17. Surveillance tracing & follow up system for Covid.
  18. CAUCUS.
  19. CAUCUS.
  20. Government Radio Network.
  21. SCINTL smart campus.
  22. Digital Agriculture Advisory.
  24. Movement authorization website app.
  25. Busitema university lightboard.
  26. The touchless wash kit.
  27. Tracenode relief and aid distribution system.
  28. Electronic quarantine monitoring system.
  29. GIS based disease surveillance system.
  30. Yukudemy.
  31. Centralized information portal.
  32. Ogaget national ambulance service.
  33. AccessAble.
  34. Congniware insights epidemiology.
  35. Open data portal.
  36. Online interactive learning platform.
  37. eFikia.
  38. Uganda health survey geographical information system.
  39. Terra the robot.
  40. Surveillance tracking and follow up covid system.
  41. Gulu university digital solution platform.
  42. Digital technologies to fight covid19 in north.
  43. Call the clinic.
  44. Victoria university mobile app.
  45. Digital market place for local manufacturers.

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