Simple Ways to Impress Your Web Design Clients and Gain More Business

If you have started your own web design agency, then the importance of winning clients is probably not lost on you – without them, there is no business! Of course, one job can lead to many more through word of mouth referrals, and so going the extra mile to impress on every job you do can be worth as much as all of your marketing efforts when it comes to attracting new business. Here are some easy ways you can delight your clients, and ensure that next time they know someone looking for web design, they’ll send them in your direction!

Under Promise, Over Deliver

This may not be a particularly new way of thinking, however it is still something a lot of people don’t do. In that initial pitching stage, you may be so keen to win the business that you will promise the moon on a stick within a short timeframe, without really knowing whether or not you can feasibly deliver it. There is nothing wrong with agreeing to things you may then have to go away and work on the technical skills for a little, but always give yourself plenty of time, and don’t promise things you have no idea how you’ll pull off. Under promising doesn’t mean playing down how good what you create will be, but being conservative about things like time estimates. You can then over deliver in most cases, by getting things done faster and better than the client was expecting.

Add Value

Consider adding in things to your service that give real value to your clients. Could you make some customisations to the back end of their CMS to make managing their website longer term easy for them once you’ve handed over the finished site design? Could you add a new feature they will love that wasn’t in their original spec for the same price? There are lots of little ways you can show you have thought about their needs and done something more than they asked for, which really makes a difference.

Thank Them for Their Business

Showing your clients you really appreciated the opportunity to work for them and enjoyed the project can be a great way to leave them with a positive feeling about the experience, and also remind them of you (ready to mention you to anyone else they know who may need your services). Sending a thank you card by mail can be a great option as it shows you have gone to some extra trouble, and also gives them something physical they will probably keep that will keep your business in their minds. For an even nicer touch, buy thank you cards that support charities or local schools, like IQ Cards. This will show you are keen to be part of the local business community and endear you to clients who are also locally focussed.

By giving a professional service with a positive attitude and adding some nice touches that show you value their business, you can wow your clients and win more projects!


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