Mark Zuckerberg plans to build AI for his home, office

Mark Zuckerberg who has been taking on personal challenges to learn new things and grow outside his work at Facebook has announced his 2016 challenge.

This year, Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO and Founder plans on building an Artificial Intelligence (A.I) to help run his home and also help him with his work.

“You can think of it kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man” he said in a post on his Facebook page.

Zuckerberg plans to first explore the technology that is out there today. He will then start teaching the technology to understand his voice so as to control everything at his home including the music, lights, temperature to name a few. He also plans to teach to the A.I to let in friends just by looking at their friends once they ring the doorbell and also to let him know if anything is going on in Max’s room he needs to check when not with her.

“On the work side, it’ll help me visualize data in VR to help me build better services and lead my organizations more effectively,” Zuckerberg wrote.

“Every challenge has a theme, and this year’s theme is invention,” he added.

He concluded saying, “This should be a fun intellectual challenge to code this for myself. I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn over the course of the year.”[related-posts]

In the past few years his other challenges have been to learn Mandarin, reading two books every month and meeting new people every day.



  1. I like that idea of calling New Year’s resolutions “Personal Challenges”! I’m also going to share on my Facebook one of my “Personal Challenges for 2016”!

  2. How common domestic challenges drive one to innovate is amazing and the urge to look for solutions in a 1st world economy is always backed!

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