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Mozilla has finally released a 64-bit version of Firefox 43 for Windows

Firefox that is officially designed by Mozilla is ranked the 4th most used web browser worldwide with approximately 11% usage share of all web browsers. Among other products designed by the company Mozilla are the Firefox OS Mobile Operating System and Thunderbird e-mail.

There has been a number of unofficial builds of the 64 bit versions of Firefox for the past years. In 2014, Mozilla came up and confirmed that a stable a 64 bit version of Firefox for Windows was to be released soon.

Yesterday, they officially released their 64-bit version of Firefox 43 for Windows. They have pointed out that the 64 bit version is identical to the 32 bit version, but the 64 bit version has limited support when it comes to plugins compared to the 32 bit version, therefore websites that are running on the 32 bit version plugins won’t be able to work with the 64 bit version.

However, the 64 bit version still supports one plugin and that is the “Flash Player plugin.”

Mozilla also noted out that by the end of next year, the NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) plugins won’t be supported anymore because of its stability and security concerns.

To download the 64 bit version, you’ll have to go to the Firefox official website and download a 64 bit installer. And to those that will want to upgrade will only get the normal 32 bit version, therefore download the 64 bit installer and install it on your computer.

Enjoy and have fun using the new 64 bit version of Firefox 43.

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