Synthesio Announces Integration with Hootsuite to Drive Intelligent Social Engagement

Today, Synthesio, the leading global Social Intelligence and Social Listening platform, announced a new integration with Hootsuite, the most widely used platform for managing social media. This integration allows marketers to listen, analyze and strategically engage and respond with customers seamlessly across all of their social platforms.

Through combining Synthesio’s global social listening, analytics and Intelligence, with Hootsuite’s engagement and publishing functionality, the enterprise now has more powerful social relationship management capabilities as customers can more effectively and strategically respond to social conversations.

Through this new integration, enterprise and agencies will be able to:

  • Create new and effective social customer care. Be alerted faster, for a more immediate and effective response that can be tailored to fit customers specific needs.
  • Stay ahead of potential crises by getting ahead of, and quickly combatting, it. Monitor all global, online mentions, be alerted of spikes in mentions and sentiment around phrases and keywords, and quickly determine that a crisis is coming.
  • Segment audiences and identify brand advocates. Through Synthesio’s influencer identification, Hootsuite users can:
    • identify key brand advocates and engage with them more effectively;
    • organize audiences through different Hootsuite streams and tabs;
    • seamlessly personalize and customize engagement with individual mentions.
  • Identify more sales opportunities, targets and audiences, and optimize opportunities to strategically engage in social sales tactics.
  • Understand your social ROI. Know how far messages are spreading (awareness), how communities and audiences have grown based on mention volume and not just standard “follower” growth metrics (acquisition), how successful they are at engaging with their audience (activation) and how their audience feels about their brand based on the sentiment of the mentions (satisfaction).

“Whether you are using social for customer care, brand advocacy or sales opportunities, teams across the business benefit from connecting best-of-breed solutions. Integrating our Social Intelligence and analytics platform with the Hootsuite social relationship platform will equip users with the most comprehensive set of social tools to fuel smarter programs,” explained Leah Pope, Vice President of Global Marketing at Synthesio.

“This integration will help teams across all departments provide strategic, personalized and targeted content, as well as increase their social customer care capabilities. At the same time, are ensuring that they are reaching their audience in the right place at the right time, and in ways that they have not been able to before.”

“ Integrating Synthesio and Hootsuite enables users to engage with their customers across social channels in a meaningful way.  Armed with actionable intelligence, marketers can be more creative and strategic with their social strategies,” said Kevin O’Brien, Vice President of Partners at Hootsuite.

Synthesio’s industry leading global data will be automatically routed to new streams in Hootsuite, for seamless, centralized social management.

Synthesio’s data and alerting, along with Hootsuite’s advanced workflow, routing and scheduling, will allow marketers and social professionals in all industries (including compliance heavy industries such as pharmaceutical and finance) to better equip themselves for informed social engagement.

The ability to see the breadth of Synthesio data in one stream within each tab on Hootsuite, will help optimize productivity and quality across marketing, sales, public relations and customer care.


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