8 reasons I love my Huawei P8 smartphone

I just spent the last one week with the beautiful new Huawei P8 Smartphone. And I am loving every bit of it. It’s super slim, has an aluminum body, a bright screen and a look that’s more than uncomfortably similar to another super smartphone which I will name latter in my review.  Here are the eight reasons why I love it.

1.The design

I am attempting not to get drawn into the drawbacks of comparing this phone with the Samsung and the iPhone series but this is quite inevitable. All smartphones have some kind of drawbacks (mainly battery life and connect ability) but if you can get around these few concerns the P8 is one fine phone. The screen is bright and crisp the interface is snappy and lean, and comes with rounded corners and soft buttons.

2. The P8 in comparison with others

Sit the Huawei P8 next to the iPhone 6 plus you immediately will spot the physical resemblance. Both phones are aluminum and glass slabs. The P8 has a 5.2 inch (132mm) screen packed in a smaller 144.9 x 72.1 mm case. The screen and the phone are a little smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus. Both have 1920 x 1080 pixels. However I have found the P8 to be the thinnest flagship smartphone to date. It’s just 6.4mm thick. That compares with the iPhone 6 at 6.9mm, iPhone 6 Plus at 7.1mm and the Samsung Galaxy S6 at 6.8mm.

3. If you have 4G network you are good to go

The P8 is a 4G enabled smartphone. That means you won’t get the best of it unless you are connected to a 4G network. However even if you have a 4G connection, performance and network resilience are important if you must get the best of the P8. MTN Uganda offers the best bet here. Firstly, because MTN Uganda’s 4G is found in all major towns in the country and secondly because of its download speeds which are quite superior than other networks, giving you a better experience.

Huawei P8
The P8 is available on sale at all MTN service centers at UGX. 1,590,000/=

4. You have your warranty intact

One can easily get the P8 a few shillings less anywhere. However the MTN Uganda/Huawei deal offers a warranty protection of one year and you will be certain you are buying a brand new original phone.


5. The Huawei P8 scores on price

If you’ve already decided against an iPhone or a Samsung and any other super smart phone, choices come down to price. If you like what a phone maker does with Android then Huawei scores on price.  Some have referred to the P8 as a blatant iPhone rip-off and the reason I won’t mind is mainly because of the price range.  In Uganda the super iPhone will range between sh2.5m and sh3m and it is probably more if you wish to acquire Samsung’s latest super series (obviously depending on the specs) MTN Uganda offers the P8’s at a paltry sh1.59 million (about $400) and that’s a mid-range price for a flagship phone offering a solid mix of usability and functionality. At this price the P8 is a steal.

6. If you are a ‘techie’ you will love the processor

I am not a ‘techie’ and won’t go into the technology details. However I am a data junkie and my phone runs multiple Apps in a go. Theoretically what has been built with the P8 has let the phone run many functions on the slower and less power hungry chip. This is in reality, it’s not a myth. But sometimes opt for the “Ultra” power saving mode, which only supports basic call and messaging functions – and more than doubles battery life.

7. A smart phone without a pretty good camera can be pretty disappointing.

I have a passion for photography so I follow this vividly. I won’t try to compare with the precious super smartphones I have used before. However I found the camera to be quite impressive. From a techie point of view the 13 megapixel sensor is the first I’ve seen that uses four pixels – adding white to red, blue and green. I read a review were Huawei said this increases brightness in high-contrast situations while reducing noise in low-light photos. All I can say my pictures look pretty awesome, as it excelled in both low and bright lighting conditions.

8. I wouldn’t review a phone and not talk about its audio quality.

Some users are pretty passionate about this. Though I am not, the P8 has a built in speaker which is clear and loud. The loudspeaker might not be crispy amazing – but Huawei did a good job for the speakerphone, and reproduced sounds and music with richness and clarity.

The writer is PR practitioner with an interest in technology and ICT.

Order the Huawei P8 from Jumia here.

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