Richard Branson debuts his latest tech investment – Video Doorbells

Business mogul Richard Branson and the venture capital arms of top home builder J.F. Shea Co. and big home insurer American Family Insurance Group are bringing a doorbell befit for the online video age with Ring, a Silicon Valley tech start-up that sells a doorbell with a video camera.

This was after announcing a $28-million investment last week. They bought into the 4-year-old start-up’s goal of reducing crime, said Ring Chief Executive James Siminoff.

“We’re definitely focused on the ring of security we can build around a community, around a home,” he said. “We’re stopping one burglary a day, and we’ve caught multiple burglars, so we’ve already become a very important part of homes.

According to Top Tech News, users of the $199 “smart doorbells” can chat with visitors via a smartphone app regardless of their location, which Ring says deters would-be thieves who often want to be sure no one’s home.


If someone at the door doesn’t tap on Ring, motion-detection technology triggers smartphone alerts. Video recordings saved online for $30 a year provide a way to identify perpetrators.

Among Branson’s many other tech investments are online clothing shop Tradesy and ride-hailing app Sidecar.

Credit: Top Tech News


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