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Google’s Chrome web browser is the most popular web browser in the world right now, according to StatCounter. But Microsoft’s new web browser for Windows 10, called Edge, might prove to be superior.

In a Windows blog post on Wednesday, Gabe Aul, Microsoft’s head of the Windows Insider programme, announced a new set of benchmarks for Microsoft Edge, the company’s new web browser made for Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge showed significant performance gains over Google Chrome, but what’s most impressive is that Microsoft used benchmarks created by Apple and Google:

Edge was tested using Google Octane, Apple JetStream, and WebKit Sunspider. That last one is actually a benchmark created by Apple’s WebKit development team that’s intended for the iOS, Mac, and Windows versions of Safari, Apple’s web browser.

According to the benchmark results, Microsoft Edge was 112% faster than Google Chrome on WebKit Sunspider, 11% faster on Google Octane, and 37% faster on Apple JetStream.

“We’re really pleased with those performance gains and we hope that you’ll enjoy faster browsing with Microsoft Edge along with the many great features we’ve added over the last several builds,” Aul said.

If these results are accurate, Microsoft Edge could soon be the web browser of choice for Windows users, considering its power and efficiency. At the very least, these kinds of performance improvements could spur other web browsers like Chrome to innovate and improve their own products. But as it stands right now, this looks like a great reason to try Windows 10 when it launches later this year.


  1. im a pre-widows 10 user . my pc is no where near this claim , I realize that all the bugs aren’t worked out yet but so far im disappointed

  2. What does 112% faster actually mean? If thing A took 100 seconds to do something, and thing B took 90 seconds, I’d describe thing B as 10% faster. Using that logic 100% faster would be instantaneous and 112% faster means it would happen shortly before you clicked Go. Damn, that Cortana’s good!

  3. If my browser took a half second to do something and this new browser took less than a quarter second, the statistics would be impressive, but would I notice this or care?

  4. This is just plain bullshit. I’m using Surface Book running Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is just pure garbage. Opening Facebook: CHROME: 2 seconds to completely show login page. EDGE; white page. Still loading as I submit this post.

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