Google Offering offering over 100,000 TB Free Storage with Cloud Nearline

Web giant Google has announced that Cloud Storage Nearline is now available to the general public.

The service offers low-cost premium archiving and backing up of data and has moved out of beta.

Google is now offering storage of 100PB of space for free, in order to entice users.

Incase you are wondering how many GB are contained in a PB, 1PB contains 1,048,576GB.

Cloud Storage Nearline was released as a beta in March and is aimed at data-heavy businesses that need fast retrieval of data.

Competing with Dropbox, Amazon’s Glacier, Box, and OneDrive among others, Google says that Nearline can do it in seconds and minutes what others need hours to do.

Google promises 99 percent uptime, on demand I/O operations, and life-cycle management consisting of features such as automated archival and scheduled deletions.

There is the 100PB free of storage for up to six months, and afterwards, users will have to pay $0.01 per GB every month.

To help users jump the boat, Nearline’s Cloud Storage Transfer feature allows one to import large amount of data from HTTP/HTTPS services such as Amazon S3 and is offering a total cost of ownership calculator to let users know how much they will be saving by switching to Nearline.



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