The world’s biggest Social Network Facebook yesterday announced that it’s expanding the geographical presence of its artificial intelligence research division, with a new office opening in Paris.

Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research or FAIR, has offices in New York City and Menlo Park, Calif., and now it has a physical home outside of the U.S., Facebook’s home country.

Facebook was able to lure Yann LeCun, a figurehead in a type of artificial intelligence called deep learning, to head up FAIR.

Deep learning can apply to several types of data, including speech, text, videos, and images. The approach involves training artificial neural networks on large swaths of data and then throwing a new piece of data at them to get a fresh inference in response.

“Like the existing FAIR teams in Menlo Park and New York, the Paris team will work on ambitious long-term research projects in image recognition, natural language processing, speech recognition, and the kinds of physical and logical infrastructure required to run these AI systems,” LeCun wrote in a blog post on the news.

Facebook hopes this research will ultimately help them make services like News Feed, photos, and search even better and enable an entirely new set of ways to connect and share.

Via VB