Kaspersky Lab presents new security solution to safeguard digital lives

Kaspersky Lab recently released Kaspersky Total Security – multi-device, a security solution for home users that protects Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms, which is now available in Kenya. The solution is the successor to Kaspersky PURE and is designed to protect against cyber threats and manage the digital assets of a modern Internet user.

Online security is now more than a matter of responding to a changing threat landscape – the Internet environment itself is becoming more complicated. According to a global survey[i] conducted by B2B International and Kaspersky Lab, an average family now has 5 devices with Internet access, and this number is growing every year. Moreover, globally 92% of users trust their computers and smartphones not only with their valuable data but also with their personal life.

“The rapid development of IT technology has resulted in the expansion of the Internet-based threats spectrum across the globe, where Kenya is no exception. As a result, users can no longer cope with a standard security solution”, said Bethwel Opil, Channel Sales Manager of Kaspersky Lab East Africa. “To ensure that your information, your personal online space and your financial transactions are all kept safe, it is necessary to use security solutions that integrate the full range of features and tools, like Kaspersky Total Security – multi-device – offers.”

According to the Kaspersky Security Network, about 300,000 malicious programmes for Microsoft Windows appear every day. Google Android is also under threat: 19% of Android users encountered a mobile threat at least once in 2014. The amount of dangerous software for Apple OS X is also growing steadily: in 2014, a total of 3.7 million attempts to infect OS X- based computers were blocked by Kaspersky Lab products.

Features of Kaspersky Lab Total Security – multi-device:

Protecting Privacy:

Webcam Protection for Windows monitors all attempts to access the webcam by any programme. Privacy Protection for Android, in turn, enables users to configure rules for incoming calls and messages and hide all traces of communication with certain contacts, including calls and SMS. Privacy Cleaner for Windows wipes the history of user activity (visited pages, downloaded files, etc.), and File Shredder removes any file so that it cannot be restored.

Protecting Money:

The solution scans the operating system for vulnerabilities via which dangerous software can secretly penetrate the computer. It also verifies the legitimacy of any payment websites opened by the user. If the site is confirmed as legitimate, Safe Money mode is activated: during the payment session it filters out all activities that are not related to the payment system, for example, any attempts at data interception. Virtual Keyboard and Secure Keyboard are also available to the user.

Adds Opil; “The solution confirms that the banking or payment website is legitimate to ensure that users do not find their transactions hijacked by cybercriminals. Safe Money also features a virtual keyboard that prevents keyloggers from accessing you’re personal data that you type on your keyboard.”

Protecting Identities:

Kaspersky Total Security – multi-device includes Kaspersky Password Manager, which generates secure passwords[1] for the user’s personal accounts and applications, and stores them in an encrypted form to protect against unauthorized access. The data is synchronized on all the owner’s devices, whether the devices are Windows, OS X, Android or iOS. Remembering a single master password is enough to ensure credentials for all other services are entered automatically.

Protecting Data:

To protect personal files Kaspersky Total Security – multi-device integrates a back-up function, either on-demand or scheduled (for Windows only). The copies can be stored on a local or network disk, an ftp-server or in the Dropbox cloud storage. Kaspersky Total Security – multi-device integrates Anti-Theft (for Android-based devices) and Data Encryption (for PC Windows) features in addition to traditional antivirus technology. Anti-Theft can remotely block the lost device, locate it via GPS or wipe the data stored on it. Data Encryption enables the creation of password-protected encrypted folders for particularly sensitive files.

Protecting Kids:

With Parental Control for Windows and OS X, parents can set the time their children are allowed to spend online, restrict the applications they can run and control what information they share on the web. In addition, Parental Control – as well as Safe Browsers for iOS and Windows Phone – allow parents to select categories of sites with inappropriate web content (such as violence, drugs, online games, etc.) and block access to them.


To make security management on multiple devices more convenient Kaspersky Total Security – multi-device is integrated with the My Kaspersky portal.

“Once your account is registered on the portal, you can see the status of all devices with Kaspersky Lab solutions in a single window. This includes activation and expiration dates of the security solutions installed on them, the time of the last check and the databases status.”

“You can also remotely manage licenses and change product settings for Windows and OS X, as well as remotely run scans, download new database updates, etc. In addition, My Kaspersky manages the Anti-Theft for Android function. The built-in My Kaspersky Store allows users to download and install Kaspersky Lab’s free solutions and buy paid products.”

Kaspersky Total Security – multi-device is available in Kenya in retail for $59.95 (for a 1 year, 1 device).

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