Three Million Computers infected with malicious software that steals bank details!

Security-alert microsoft IEThere is a new malicious software called Ramnit that has infected three million computers!

Ramnit which is being used to steal money from people’s bank accounts is a ‘botnet’, a network of zombie computers that can be used for nefarious purposes – whether it’s sending out spam or carrying out distributed denial of service attacks that can bring down websites.

The botnet sends dodgy links out in emails in the hope that people would click on them.

Anyone using the Windows operating system (and that’s most people) who did this ran the risk of having their computer infected.Once infected, the computers were under control of the cybercriminals, who could access banks details, steal passwords and even disable antivirus software.

“This malware effectively gives criminals a back door so they can take control of your computer, access your images, passwords or personal data and even use it to circulate further spam messages or launch illegal attacks on other websites,” says the Steve Pye from the National Cyber Crime Unit.

An international police operation has shut down many of the command and control servers – across the UK, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.

If you are worried your computer has been infected, you can download free disinfection software at CyberStreetWise and GetSafeOnline. These tools will tell you if you have been affected and remove the malware if necessary.

Via The Mirror


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