applewatchWe may not be aware what will come bundled up in the entire Apple watch, but it has been predicted that the device will ship with 100,000 Apps.

The prediction was given by Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research who said that everyone who owns an iPhone will want one.

To come up with the 100,000 apps, Chowdhry says he and his staff have attended six “Apple Watch-Kit hackathons,” taking a look at some of the apps that’ll be coming to the device.

He even predicts that we will able to install more apps on our Apple Watch than we do on our iPhones. “Currently, on an average there are 65 Apps per iPhone,” he writes. “We are estimating that an average Apple Watch will have 100 Apps per Apple Watch.”

Concerning the advantages the Apple Watch has over Android Wear, arguably its biggest competitor, its the WatchKit programming environment which is better than the tools provided by Google for building smartwatch apps for its own platform.

“Apple WatchKit is extremely well engineered, and the framework is strictly sandboxed, which dramatically reduces developer errors, that could drain battery life,” Chowdhry explains. “Android framework is very open and lose and hence prone to numerous developer errors.”

Chowdhry added that Apple’s implementation of Watch apps is also much simpler and more effective than Google’s.

“Every aspect of Apple Watch is extremely well thought-off and seamlessly integrated,” he writes. “Google Android Wear seems quite disconnected and haphazard in implementation.”

Chowdhry even goes as far as predicting Apple Watch will be one of the Cupertino company’s most successful devices so far, selling as many as 42 million units by December this year.

Via: iPhone Hacks