We always get overwhelled by the very many articles that come out every week. In our weekly round up we start off the week with some of the top stories that you might have missed in the week of (8/12-12/12). We have updates from the big tech firms and some interviews from, well the big tech firms. So in case you missed anything, here is our weekly round up.

We launched a mobile Application at the start of the week. We want to give you a great feel when you are accessing our content that is why we have constantly invested in bring you our content on the go. You can download the Application here it’s less than 2MBs.

The week wasn’t a good one for Uber as it saw a lot of lawsuits and it was banned in India after rape allegations

Facebook announced that it will start warning you from uploading embarrassing photos, with a new Artificial Intelligence tool they are developing.

It was a very busy Week for Google, as it announced it was closing Google News in Spain. Android Studio 1.0 was released and is now the official development platform for the Android Team at Google. YouTube also launched an offline playback for users in India, Indonesia and the Philippines. Finally Google released an API for designing Custom watch faces.

Microsoft Started Accepting BitCoin as a form of payment for the US users, so you can now buy Windows, Windows phones or an XBox One using BitCoin. Microsoft also sold more than 1.2 Million XBox One consoles November and we think this has something to do with the Black Friday offers. The Windows Event for Microsoft developers is set for Jan 21.

Instagram Celebrated 300 Million users with over 70 Million photos and Videos uploaded on the daily.

We interviewed Elijah Kitaka a Google Program Manager for Entrepreneurship about the recently launched Startup Launch initiative from Google. We also talked to another Program Manager from Google who is in charge of Developer Ecosystem, Chukwuemeka Afigbo who talked to us about how Google is providing offline content for developers who are having a bandwidth challenge.

Those are some of the top stories, we wish you a great week ahead.