android studioLast year at Google I/O, Android Studio was released as a preview to developers in order to acquire feedback, I must say this journey has been frustrating for me because it wasn’t very unstable but  sometimes I liked what android studio brought on board compared to my experience with Eclipse.

Google has finally released a stable version which is Android Studio 1.0 for all android developers. Android Studio is now the official Integrated Development Environment(IDE) for Android and in future I foresee Google only focusing on the IDE forcing some of us to entirely migrate to Android Studio. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons you might need to use Android Studio.

1. Sample Importing & templates-Android Studio contains wizards that enable you start with different templates or import Google Code samples.

2. Code editing and User Interface Designs just got better. You can now take advantage of the intelligent code editing capabilities such as advanced code completion, refactoring and code analysis all in Android Studio 1.0. Designing for multiple screens is also better because you get the feel of how your app will look like across the different screen size and different language.

3. Instant access to Google cloud services like backends for you app and Google Cloud Messaging.

Android Studio 1.0 will continue getting updates but for now it is safe to say that it’s a must have for all Android developers. You can update to version 1.0 or download one with the SDK Here.

In case you want to migrate from eclipse, you can follow these steps and I will see you in the next one.