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Done Deal Has Some Crazy Discounts For Black Friday

Black Friday in the US is the Friday after Thanksgiving(The fourth Thursday of November) and it is usually referred to as the beginning of the Christmas season shopping.

Done Deal Uganda which I dubbed the ‘Ugandan Groupon’ is giving away some crazy discounts for Black Friday. The deals are so crazy you can have 2 Burgers for just Shs 9,000 that’s 75% off the normal price of 2 Burgers and 2 movie tickets for just 7500, okay can everyone get a Burger?(Update: I received my 2 Burgers delivered from Piato Restaurant at just 9000 shs thanks to done deal and it cost me a little more for the delivery of the the Burger)

I have ordered a few Burgers to support the startup and to prove that they mean business and I will be updating you on how this goes. This is the future of online business in Uganda.

black friday

Customers should be able to access great deals from service providers all the time and it’s always nice seeing companies like Done Deal positioning themselves as the middleman to always bring you great discount on the things you enjoy to have or do.

Well just head to their websites and checkout the deals for yourself and I will see you in the next one.



Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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