windows-10-startSoftware maker Microsoft has announced that they will reveal Windows 10 to consumers in late January, 2015.

The software giant has said they will host a teaser at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas between Jan 6 and Jan 9, but the special consumer version Windows 10 event later in the month.

Microsoft already unveiled the specs for Windows 10 back in September but this new event is going to focus on the best ways consumers can take advantage of the new features that the new Microsoft Windows operating service will have to offer.

Apprently, Windows 10 is not the only new project the software company plans to discuss at this special January event.

Expect them to discuss the future of Windows tablets and Windows phones, if Microsoft wants to discuss other consumer products like the future of the Xbox One video game console—most notably updates to the Xbox One dashboard.

Microsoft Windows 8 was laden with complications and it had to address common functionality across myriad devices. While Microsoft has invested a lot of time in getting Windows 8 right (even reintegrating parts of Windows 7 to improve functionality) the changes they made along with way led them to skip over 9 and allude to a much more advanced iteration with Windows 10.