Last Week at Google I/O attendees received a smartwatch from Google as one of the Giveaways, and today am going to take you through my review of the LG G watch and some of the reasons you should consider before buying one.

watch1The LG G watch like the Samsung Gear and Moto 360 runs on Android Wear Software from Google and this software will give you the same feel across all watches. This will include the notifications which are synced from Google Now on your phone and the other Applications in built in the phone like Google Fit which gives you the steps you have taken in a day.

The Feel: One thing I liked about this how I can change my wrist straps and use my custom straps but the ones which come with the watch are still comfortable.

The watch also has no button which is confusing at the start but I find this focus of not giving a smart watch a button very fitting to the Android Wear Software which the phone is running.  The LG G watch is some what comfortable on the wrist and this depends on how tight you fasten it on your wrist however I didn’t like the charging base which I feel is so exposed to skin and am scared It might have some health issues.

Target Devices: The Watch is targeting Android Smartphones with Android 4.3 and above. I find this focus to the market both Good and bad. The Good side is that if you have high end devices you will have a very good experience with this watch plus if you can buy a 4.3 device then you can afford the Smartwatch. The bad however is that if you are in Uganda and still use a 2.3 device or a 4.1 device like me, Google is practically saying, that it’s about time you changed to another phone. Am Joking but you get my point.

Battery Life: The phone has a 400mAh battery which will take you all day long when it is on and if you prefer to turn the light off when you are not using it, it will go on for 2 days.

Last Cool bits: The watch has a 1.2GHz processor with a 4.0 Bluetooth which is a low energy Bluetooth and it’s both Water and Dust resistant. It also detects when you raise your hand to check the time and will automatically go on if the brightness is off.

Opening Twitter App with the Watch
Opening Twitter App with the Watch
Use "Ok Google" to search or make notes and reminders.
Use “Ok Google” to search or make notes and reminders.
I Dont like that
I Dont like that

So far am enjoying my LG G watch and if you want to check it out or you are developing for Android Wear, just get in touch with me at Hive CoLab and I will let you check it out.