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7 Tech Tips For Your Morning

tips n tricksI was reading an article from one of my friends at and I really felt like I should share some of these Tips with you, now I know some of you might know some of these Tips but there is no harm in checking out the ones you didn’t know.


1. You can Press the Space bar Twice to add a Period

There is no need for typing (.) you can just double tap your space bar and then you will get period.

2. Hit the ‘Call’ button twice to redial the Last Dialed number.

Well I found out about this accidentally but it is essential especially when you don’t want to search through your call logs.

3. Eliminating the Shutter Lag:

I love taking photos and I have interfaced with this problem a lot, when I try to take a photo of my friends and the camera wont take a single shot. So what you have to do here is refocus the photo either by tapping the screen in most Android Smartphone or a half-click the shutter button and then take the photo again.


4. Don’t use your Mouse to scroll

When in a web page, we tend to scroll down using the mouse or down arrow key, but you can just scroll down using the space bar.

5. Use the Control Key and the plus (+) to make things bigger.

This helps you to make texts on a web page or some applications bigger and you can make things smaller by using the Ctrl –

6. Presentation:

Press ‘B‘ to black out the slides during a presentation and pressing B again brings back the slide. The same goes for ‘W’ to white out the slide and W again to bring it back up top.

7. Google Now using ‘Ok Google‘ to Search.

Ok Google is used to search using voice try out these few phrases

  • When am I? —> to know the time.
  • Where am I? —> To know your current location
  • How long is the tallest building?

The list goes on, try to explore for your self.

Hope you have learnt something new. Leave us a comment of some other nifty tricks you have up your sleeve.


Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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