Google has cut the price of Google Drive storage effective immediately. You can now get a whole terabyte for just 10 dollars a month.

The prices have been cut across all tiers. Now 10TB is $100/month, 100GB is $2, and 15GB is still free.

gooogle drive

Before the price drop, Google Drive was close in price to the other cloud storage providers, but now it’s distinctly cheaper. For example, Dropbox charges $99.99 per year for 100GB of storage. Microsoft’s recently renamed OneDrive is also more expensive at $12.49 per month for 200GB.

Drive works across a range of Google’s service including Gmail and Google+.  With the 1TB plan you could upload two pictures each day for 200 years and still have some left over. A 10TB plan would give you enough space to store about 1,000 1080p Blu-ray quality movies in the cloud.

You can sign up for one of these new Google Drive plans at If you already pay for storage, you’ll automatically move to a better plan at no additional cost. You can visit the storage purchase page to make a change or review your account, and see the Help Center for more information on these simpler storage options.

Source: Google