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MediaFire takes on Dropbox with 50GB free cloud storage

mediafire-bannerIn an attempt to gain on market, file hosting service MediaFire has launched a Dropbox-like application for OS X and Windows which lets users upload files directly from their desktops to the cloud, and share them with others.

The beta version of MediaFire Desktop has the same type of file syncing features found in Dropbox  but with up to 50GB of free cloud storage.

If you are to compare, Dropbox starts you off with 2GB of free space, though you can get up to 16GB free via referrals.


Mediafire Desktop can come as a benefit to the already existing file sharing service, Have a look at some of the added benefits.

  • Automatic File Sync: MediaFire automatically updates all of your media to the cloud.
  • Social By Design: Share and collaborate with others from your desktop. Social networks supported include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Bloggr. There is also embedded link sharing for online blogging platforms.
  • Activity Feed: Keep track of all your activity on MediaFire, including updates to your files made by other users, new files received and system status messages.
  • Automatic File Version Tracking: Organize your files by date, edit history and type. MediaFire has an automatic duplicate removal feature.
  • Screenshot Capturing: Instantly capture, annotate and share a screenshot of your desktop.

Source: TNW



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