microsoft-ces-boothMicrosoft and the The Future Project, a development initiative founded by the Nigerian youth engagement company Red Media Africa, have today launched  ‘Aiki Nigeria’, a new youth employment programme to help young Nigerians get the skills to set up their own businesses or get jobs.

Aiki Nigeria has been developed closely with employers to ensure it offers employability requirements and later, the youths can take up job openings in this firms or be matched to other firms.

Ugochukwu Nwosu, the Citizenship Manager at Microsoft for Anglophone West Africa said Microsoft takes its citizenship engagement as primary to its work. In working with organisations, technology enthusiasts and governments at every level, we have emphasised the crucial importance of jobs for a new generation of Nigerians. This program is a major step in leading a coordinated solution to this urgent problem.

In addition, Aiki Nigeria has also launched a free online skills portal and career’s advice service,, to reach those in rural areas. Aiki has been designed to give secondary and tertiary school students with detailed information on how to start a business, job opportunities and accessibility, career tips, capacity building and networking..

”It is our ambition that through the new Aiki Nigeria programme we can help all young Nigerians, no matter where they are, to develop the skills they need to achieve their full potential.” Chude Jideonwo, Executive Director of The Future Project and co-founder of Red Media Africa, said.

The Future Project invests in enterprise and expanding opportunities for young people. The enterprise support scheme aims to work with Microsoft to better build a community of talented job seekers and help match them to job opportunities and solve unemployment and related evils.

Source: Techmoran