Facebook is releasing a new feature that will eventually give all publishers and users the ability to embed any public post from the social network onto their website or blog with just a tap of the button.

CNN, Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, People Magazine, and Mashable will be the first to have access to it, but Facebook says “broader availability” will be soon.


The embedded Posts will only work with public messages, no matter if it’s a status update, Instagram photo, video, etc. To see if it can be embedded, hover over the audience selector (it’s a globe icon). If it is marked as public, click on the “Embed Post” option in the dropdown menu. It will display HTML code that you can copy and insert onto your website — similar to what you would find with Instagram.

Visitors can interact with it similar to how they would in their Facebook timeline. This surely will help aid in the discovery of new content, especially if your site is a heavily trafficked one. These posts will show not only text, but pictures, videos, hashtags, and any other content supported by the platform — it’s almost like having an iFrame of Facebook occupying a piece of real estate.

With an embedded post, people can view not only the content, but like or share it directly from the site (no longer needing to first go to Facebook to do the sharing). In addition, the author can be “Liked” and the post’s comments, photos, and hashtag can be viewed just with a click of a mouse.

Source: TNW