orange-4gOrange Uganda has introduced LTE internet service to the market.

The firm’s CFO Godfrey Kisekka said customers with LTE-enabled devices will have access to the service, and the operator gave away five LTE modems to journalists at the launch event.

The 4G service is initially available only in the capital Kampala. Orange is the third operator to launch LTE in Uganda, after MTN and Smile.

This launch took place at their premises on Clement hill in Kampala where Orange 4g lte was said to be the first to that allows one to shift from 4g to 3g and to 2g then back as one leaves the area ranges of this service.

It is noted that anyone with a 4g enabled gadget from phone, tablets, phablets and laptops can access 42Mbps speeds. And this 4g speed is a supplement for the 3g+ network providing coverage and efficiency.

The LTE modem costs 229,000/-. The gadgets  available at Orange enabled and available with 4g LTE are the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820.

The bandwidth runs on 800MHz which is good for indoor coverage while others with the same service run on 260MHz.