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LinkedIn suffers a one hour outage due to a DNS issue

Social network for business LinkedIn is continuing to recover from a DNS error that took the site offline for an hour. The outage began when the popular service’s homepage was replaced by a domain sales page. While the outage appears to have stopped, some users are still saying that they cannot access, although none are seeing the incorrect page.

LinkedIn explained the outage was caused by “a DNS issue”, but provided no further details. Others have speculated that there may have been more malicious factors at play.


likedinn Dns error

It’s been just over one year since LinkedIn saw 6.5 million password leaked following a hack into its system, and the site can ill afford to suffer further security issues given the severity of that previous hacking.

Even if the DNS issue was down to a harmless error, the fact that the site pointed to a domain buying page for many users for a sustained period of time — combined with last year’s events — may have been enough to make many LinkedIn regulars fear the worst again.

LinkedIn has more than 225 million users worldwide. The US is its largest market, and it just passed 20 million registered members in India, its next biggest country.

Source: TNW


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